October 20, 2009

Ahhh the homeless guilt trips! Do I give my quarter to the one legged man blocking traffic or the women with a stroller?

October 15, 2009

Quality haunted houses don't use the cliche gag tactics like explicit sodomy.

Free popcorn??

Every time I walk down Michigan Ave by the Apple Store, the smell of cheesy popcorn tempts my nose.  Today, it was the smell plus a man in a Garrett's jacket handing out coupons for a free bag of Garrett's Chicago Mix Popcorn from 10am - 12pm.


A few co-workers and I waited in the 40 degree drizzle for an hour. Worth it. Garrett did it right, just ask Ron Kittle, ex Chicago White Sox player who was hanging around the door to see how many people still remembered him.

It's on.

Welcome to the experiences of myself, Matt Grim, in the city of Chicago.  I'm fortunate enough to live in the heart of downtown by Millenium Park with two good friends of mine.

Keep your peepers tuned in to find out what happens when a creative shares an abode with two haberdashers in the heart of Chicago.  It should get pretty interesting.

I love you. Except you, you know who you are.

-Matt Grim